Kraken News

The Kraken exchange for cryptocurrency was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco. The platform, in collaboration with other exchanges, is about to launch the World’s First Cryptocurrency Bank. Everyday, Kraken is rated between 5th and 7th in terms of trading volume. The advantage of this cryptocurrency exchange platform is that it accepts fiat currencies. Fees are included in every transaction and, depending on the amount, they are relatively larger than other exchanges. Also, the system has 56 currency pairs, which is very convenient due to the fact that all common currencies are available. Logging in to the system has two-factor authentication and, more than that, the platform offers from one to five factors of verification, which depends on what limit of withdrawal is necessary. But there are some problems that appear since a user is not allowed to trade without getting absolutely verified. Currently, Kraken has spread through Canada, EU, US and Japan.

Avec la nouvelle licence d'exploitation à Abu Dhabi, Kraken vise à offrir aux investisseurs locaux un accès aux liquidités mondiales par le biais de paires de t...
Kraken obtient une licence pour trading de cryptomonnaies aux Émirats arabes unis
Arijit Sarkar
Le PDG de Kraken, Jesse Powell, a annoncé qu'il avait pris la décision de fermer le siège mondial de Kraken à San Francisco.
Kraken ferme son siège mondial parce que "San Francisco n'est pas une ville sûre"
Joseph Hall
Kraken visait auparavant à mettre en œuvre le BItcoin Lightning Network en 2021 après avoir annoncé officiellement le plan fin 2020.
Les utilisateurs de Kraken signalent la disponibilité du Bitcoin Lightning Network
Helen Partz