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Filecoin is a decentralized platform for data storage. The Filecoin project was launched by California-based technological company Protocol Labs in 2014. The main purpose of Filecoin is to create an efficient solution for storing data, which is based on protocols of decentralized network IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). IPFS was also developed by Protocol Labs to replace the existing HTTP with a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. According to Filecoin’s white paper, the main idea is that their users should install special software that allows them to store data on PC’s hardware. As a reward, users receive Filecoin and exchange them on other digital or fiat currencies. The Filecoin ICO was conducted in 2017. Filecoin mining is able to be done through their official software.
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Price Analysis
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