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Nvidia is a technology corporation founded in 1993 and headquartered in California, United States. The main products of Nvidia include central processing units (CPU), graphics processing units (GBU) and chipsets. Nvidia is one of the largest hardware developers in the world, with only one major competitor — AMD. Nvidia has greatly profited from the outburst of cryptocurrency popularity. A lot of miners use products from Nvidia for Bitcoin mining. As Nvidia provides most of consumers GPUs, mining with Nvidia’s products have become widespread. Seeing the emerging consuming base, Nvidia developed mining drivers and technologies for improving the speed of mining. Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference is one of the main IT events that gathers people from different fields, including cryptocurrency industry, and where various applications of AI and deep learning are presented.
Le géant des cartes graphiques Nvidia a fait état de ventes « modestes » de ses puces de mining de cryptomonnaies et s'attend à une baisse du chiffre d'affaires...
L'action Nvidia plonge après les chiffres du 1er trimestre, les revenus des cartes de mining de cryptomonnaies étant « modestes »
Brian Newar
« Tous les émetteurs, y compris ceux qui poursuivent des opportunités impliquant des technologies émergentes, doivent s'assurer que leurs divulgations sont oppo...
Nvidia va payer 5,5 millions de dollars dans le cadre de l'affaire de la SEC concernant des « divulgations inadéquates » autour du mining de cryptomonnaie
Turner Wright