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Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia with a population of 32 million and an area of 330 kilometers. Malaysia has a recently industrialized market economy with a relatively fast GDP growth and a highly competitive market. Malaysia is considered to be attractive for foreign investments as it has a highly diversified and robust economy. The Malaysian economy is a producer of such export goods as electronic products, petroleum, chemicals, machinery and scientific equipment that are mostly sold to Singapore, China and Japan. The Malaysian government has issued no Bitcoin regulations. Malaysia allows Bitcoin mining and trading with no restrictions. However, the Central Bank of Malaysia issued a statement that Bitcoin is not considered to be legal tender and its users are poorly protected from fraudulent schemes and operational risks.
La Commission des valeurs mobilières de Malaisie affirme que Huobi opère sans être officiellement enregistré auprès des organismes de contrôle locaux.
Les régulateurs malaisiens placent Huobi sur la liste d'alerte aux investisseurs
Savannah Fortis
Le ministre malaisien des Finances avait précédemment averti que les paiements en cryptomonnaie étaient illégaux car ils ne répondaient pas aux caractéristiques...
Le vice-ministre des Communications malaisien appelle l'État à légaliser les cryptomonnaies et les NFT
Helen Partz