Bitcoin Core News

Bitcoin Core is a client software used to access the Bitcoin network. The platform is considered to be official, as Bitcoin Core developers are part of the Bitcoin foundation, which means they took part in the creation of Bitcoin and now support the network by creating protocols and updates. In addition, Bitcoin Core is a virtual thick wallet which requires downloading the entire blockchain, demanding a lot of capacity and computing power. The wallet allows storing, transferring and receiving digital money and helps to spread other users’ transactions. Bitcoin Core is characterized by its high security level, the possibility to download it for free and a wide range of interface languages. For new users Bitcoin Core is considered to be the best choice of such software.
L'entité utiliserait une série de 812 adresses IP différentes pour masquer son identité tout en collectant des données.
Une mystérieuse entité serait en train de collecter les adresses IP des utilisateurs de BTC !
Tom Blackstone
Synchroniser le réseau Bitcoin en un instant ? Les zero-knowledge proofs promettent de remanier la vérification du réseau grâce à un nouvel outil de ZeroSync.
Le réseau Bitcoin se dote enfin des zero-knowledge proofs !
Gareth Jenkinson