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Barclays is a multinational financial services company and an investment bank located in London, U.K. Barclays Bank’s business consists of personal banking, wealth management, investment management and corporate banking. Barclays is considered to be one of the most powerful transnational corporations, having an ownership and corporate control of a large part of the market. Barclays was under U.K. investigations multiple times due to accusations of tax avoidance, prices manipulations and fraud, with some of them ending with penalties for the Barclays Bank U.K. Barclays is interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology and currently has an article that explains how blockchain works, talks about the possibilities of the new technology and opportunities to use it in the modern financial system.
Le Directeur International de la gestion d'actifs numériques de Goldman Sachs a déclaré que la demande de cryptomonnaie de la part des institutions était en hau...
Goldman Sachs et Barclays investissent dans la plateforme britannique de trading de cryptomonnaie Elwood
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