Waves News

Waves is a Blockchain platform developed to provide users with the opportunity of creating their own new custom token. Those tokens may be used for loyalty programs, in-app currency creation, and for ICO founding.

Waves adds new tokens or transaction types as plug-ins on top of core software. This feature makes it not necessary for a user to update his or her software each time a new token is added to the Blockchain. The new token can be traded on Waves decentralized exchange. DEX reduces a lot of risks: for example, your funds are stored directly in your wallet, so there is no point in hacking DEX, and there is no central administration capable of freezing your account or your trades. Every token built on Waves may be exchanged in pairs with any other Waves token. The Waves team claims that Waves will soon be the fastest Blockchain in the world.

Market Analysis
La baisse de la demande de Tether, les primes de contrats à terme négatives pour les altcoins et le manque d'afflux dans le secteur des cryptomonnaies sont auta...
La capitalisation totale du marché des cryptomonnaies risque de passer sous la barre des 1 000 milliards de dollars si ces trois indicateurs ne progressent pas
Marcel Pechman