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Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, is a state in southern Europe. The capital and the largest city of the country is Athens. Greece is the heiress of Ancient Greece — the cradle of western civilization. Greece once had a strong and stable economy and was considered a developed country before the economic crisis in 2013, from which the country has struggled to bounce back. Because of the difficult financial situation, Bitcoin has become very popular in Greece and some experts attribute the popularity of the cryptocurrency and its rise in value to Greek traders. As authorities prohibited any money transfers to other countries in order to avoid any capital outflows from Greece, Bitcoin is currently one possible currency to make such operations.
Les nations insulaires de Malte et de Chypre sont toujours en avance sur leurs grands voisins en matière de réglementation des cryptomonnaies.
Bilan du secteur crypto en Europe du Sud : Malte ouvre la voie !
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