Cannabis News

Cannabis is kind of narcotic substance produced from a plant by the same name. Cannabis is legalized in some countries and some states of the U.S. Bitcoin in the cannabis industry is a new way of making secure and anonymous payments. As drug trafficking is still outside the law, banks and other financial establishments don’t provide services for cannabis dealers. It is simple to buy cannabis online with Bitcoin or even use Bitcoin to buy cannabis seeds. Besides this, cannabis and Bitcoin are connected not only as being a payment method. There are many cannabis cryptocoins allowing to buy cannabis equal to one coin. Such altcoins have cannabis as a reserve, so they can be convenient to use not only as Bitcoin for cannabis, but for any other goods as well.
Les clones seront authentifiés par un smart contract établi sur la blockchain pour vérifier leur authenticité et leur lignée génétique.
Un producteur de cannabis californien adopte la blockchain pour son business
Martin Young