Raullen Chai & Andrew Law

Raullen Chai is the co-founder and CEO of IoTeX. He previously worked for companies including Google, Uber and Oracle. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, where his research focused on designing and analyzing lightweight ciphers and IoT authentication protocols. At Google, he led many important security initiatives for its technical infrastructure, including mitigation of SSL attacks, privacy-preserving SSL offloading and enabling certificate transparency for all Google services. He was also the founding engineer of Google Cloud Load Balancer, which now serves thousands of cloud services, with 1-million-plus queries per second. Andrew Law is a research scientist at IoTeX, where he does in-depth scientific research into Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and Web3 applications. He worked previously as an application engineer for EvapTech in Malaysia, and holds a Ph.D. in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech.
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Raullen Chai & Andrew Law